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Dana 44 Disc Brake Conversion


Watch JeepsterMan's how to install Dana 44 rear axle Disc Brakes for Willys & Jeeps. If you have any questions please give us a call at 314.798.6462 or email us at sales@thejeepsterman.com. Made by JeepsterMan. Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan today we're talking about our new rear disc brake kit that we have this is for the 46 to 71 dana 44 axles that are tapered um this is a new kit and it turns out that a lot of these parts here they they're the same parts that come off the front of our kits we'll talk about these parts real quick and what vehicles they fit uh so here in our kit we're gonna get brackets for both sides then you have the option you can choose which caliper you want i've got the caliper here for the e-brake provision if you want to run an e-brake and we also just have a plane caliper that you can use with no e-brake both calipers they come with pads those are going to be ready to go then our kit includes um rotors here five on five and a half this is the big rotor that we use it's bigger than anybody's on the market twelve and an eighth and then uh inch and a quarter thick on that caliper or rotor there you can also get these in cross drilled if you want to our kit also includes hoses i just have one sitting here but they're stainless steel braided hoses you're also going to get a tab that comes with this and a clip because you're going to need to weld the tab on there then obviously we have all the hardware the bolts grade eight that come with this kit as well i do have one of these hubs laid out on the table because you're gonna get new studs because you need longer studs our kit comes with that but it does not come with a hub because you're just going to reuse your old hub and then the vehicles this fits the cj's it fits the station wagon the pickup truck the fc 150 anything with the rear dana 44 46 to 71 two piece tapered axles then i'll show you over here i do already have this kit installed this one has the e-brake caliper on it um now wheel spacer i'm running 16 inch wheels i do need an inch and a half wheel spacer for stock wheels if you're using aftermarket wheels some people don't need wheel spacers it just depends on the wheel so that's one already installed now we'll go back to the other side and then we're just going to run through this installation here so the first thing you're going to do i already kind of did this i took the dust cap off take the cotter pin out and then you have the axle nut all right so i got this one ready to come off go ahead and take that off take the washer off as well and then you should be able to shimmy this whole drum and hub off at once so like we were talking about the hub you're going to reuse your old hub but you're going to uh you're gonna put new studs in there all right so what you'll need to do you'll need to separate this hub here from this drum because obviously we're not using this drum anymore you're gonna want to go ahead and re remove these uh studs out and then you're gonna want to press in the new ones that we give you which is what i already have here set up all right that is removed you can see the keyway in there on this one i already had all this stuff loose to make this quicker um so from here we're going to pause the video and then what i'm going to do next i'm not going to take all these shoes and everything off we are going to need to re this retainer here for the axle grease and the seal you're going to reuse that but we're going to go ahead and take these six bolts that are off on here and then i'm also going to take the entire backing plate off i'm not going to disassemble all this brake stuff now i've already disconnected my brake line from the back here on this wheel cylinder so we'll pause the video i'll start disassembling some of this and then we'll come back so we went ahead and used a 9 16 to take these bolts off we got six of them there's also a nut on the back side that's 9 16. so like i said we're just going to take this whole thing apart and i'm going to take all the individual parts so once i remove those this is just it's ready to come off all right you're going to reuse this housing here i'm going to have to break this free afterwards because this one is kind of stuck to that backing plate but you are going to reuse this this housing here that axle seal so at this point we're really ready for reassembly we're gonna be putting this bracket on next and using the new bolts just go ahead and double check that axle seal because there's an axle seal in there now is a good time to replace it if you need to but at this point um we're ready for reassembly on this that's how easy this kit is you're just taking the old hub and everything off taking the backing plate next we're going to put our new disc brake backing plate on and then we'll begin the reassembly process from there so we'll be back all right so next steps here we got everything tore down got it kind of cleaned up go ahead this is a good time to go ahead and check your bearing everything mine was fine i cleaned my fitting back here because i'm gonna i'm gonna put more grease in here when i'm done so we'll just talk about reassembly here real quick this is the new bracket this bracket needs to face uh the offset needs to face towards the inside of the frame like that if we're gonna have that installed um we usually clock these either at ten and two or we clocking at three and nine so we're gonna install this next using the new bolts these bolts are a little bit longer than the originals because this bracket here is thicker and then the stack up on this for this axle seal if you need to replace this now is the time to do it um it's going to be paper metal retainer paper and then you're going to reuse this retainer so all of that is going to set on top of that whenever we install that so i'm going to go ahead and install this and the new bolts and the stack up we just talked about we'll get that installed and we'll be back all right so we're back we went ahead and got the bracket installed like i said the offset should face towards the inside of the frame there um and we put the axle steel gasket and the uh retainer and all that back on there use the new bolts i torqued them to 35 foot pounds six of them comes with lock washers everything's great eight so that's all installed so what you would have done from here is took your old hub and drum and separated these things and then you're gonna get new um lug studs with this and speed up this process i've already done it on this one so this one here here's the longer studs that i'm talking about that you get so i had this hub all prepped ready to go with the keyway and such on there so from here i'm just going to install this hub and when we get back we're going to put the rotor on it because the rotor is going to slide right on over the top and then we'll install the caliper let me get back so we're back this is a pretty quick step i just wanted to show it so i went ahead and installed the hub here and the keyway for that and then we've got the longer studs now we use such a you know our rotor is thick so that's why you get the longer studs in this kit here i'm using this cross drilled options the regular kit doesn't come with those but we're just going to install the rotor on there and then from here we're going to go ahead and install the caliper i'll reinstall the axle nut and the cotter pin as well so i'll put those items going there and then we'll come back and show you that all right so we're back we went ahead we got our rotor installed here just slides on over the hub and we went ahead and installed the caliper as well it comes with two caliper bolts use uh it's a 3 8 allen head for that then we put the axle nut the washer back on the cotter pin it's ready for the dust cover to go back on a little trick you can use a lug nut to hold this rotor in place until you get everything tightened up so that's where we're at from here now all we have left to do is to just hook up the lines and the hoses so like i said this kit comes with new stainless steel um lines here i already have this side installed over here now this side on the driver's side is a little bit more complicated i'm gonna weld this tab in place on top here um they do if you can't weld or you don't have a welder you could somehow secure this to the axle if you need to because what we're going to have to do here is weld this tab in place i'm going to have to flare this line right here put a 3 8 fitting on it and then we're going to hook our hose

we're going to hook our hose up to this hard line right in here and then my banjo bolt and everything's going to go through this stainless steel hose here so i'm going to install all this stuff this is the last thing we have to do and then i'll come back and show you the work we did on that all right so here's the last part of this video and we're just going to talk about here's the stainless steel brickline hose comes with the kit and the tab that it comes with i welded that tab to the top of the axle here and i had to re-flare the line there for the 3 16. the passenger side you don't have to do that it just connects directly into the old stock uh t fitting that is here but this kit is completely plumbed up ready to go installed and i said something earlier that was incorrect about 16 inch wheels 16 wheels you only need a one inch wheel spacer some of the other kits like if you uh have a 15 inch wheel sometimes you're gonna need an inch and a half or two inch wheel spacer for some of those unless you have aftermarket wheels so you can find this kit on our website it's rdb 80 is the kit for this 46 to 71 two piece dana 44 axle all the wheelies and jeep vehicles out there the website's thejeepsterman.com if you've got questions you can email us sales at the jeepsterman.com or you can call us 314-798-6462


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