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Common Jeep CJ Problems and How To Address Them

Most people view the car they drive as an extension of their personalities. An appealing car can give you a lot of confidence. If you want a unique and appealing automobile to use as your daily driver, then investing in a CJ series Jeep is a great idea. These iconic vehicles were made from 1944 to 1986 and are both durable and beautiful.

On average, car owners in the United States spend over $175 billion on maintenance and repair. As you enter the world of Jeep CJs, you need to learn more about some of the problems these vehicles have.

Below are some common Jeep CJ problems and what you can do to address them.

Cracked Frames Are Common

One of the main things a vehicle needs to remain drivable is a sturdy frame. The factory frames made by the team at Jeep have been known to crack. This cracking typically occurs around the steering box and suspension mounts. There are also known issues with cracking around the spring hangers on CJ series Jeeps.

The most effective way to avoid this problem is by investing in an aftermarket frame replacement. If you can’t afford a completely new frame, then you might want to have weld-in replacement plates installed. These plates will help to improve the strength and rigidity of your Jeep’s frame.

There are also a number of aftermarket shackle hangers that are more durable. Exploring the world of aftermarket frame parts can help you make your Jeep CJ more resilient.

Factory CJ Pitman Arms Can Bend Over Time

A pitman arm is a part designed to attach to the steering gear shaft. This part acts as a level and converts the torque produced by the steering gear into mechanical force that moves the steering linkage. The pitman arms on Jeep CJs are made from ductile cast iron. This material is known to bend on CJs that are equipped with large tires.

As the owner of a CJ series Jeep, you need to periodically inspect your pitman arm to ensure the nut it is equipped with is tight. Tightening this nut can help you avoid spline stripping. Having a backup pitman arm and a pitman arm puller on hand is a good idea if you plan on doing some off-roading in your Jeep CJ. Luckily, there are a number of heavy-duty replacement pitman arms on the market.

Jeep CJs Have Problematic Ignition Systems

Many CJ series Jeeps are equipped with point-type ignition systems. Later models have an electronic ignition system. One of the main problems with this ignition system is bad ignition control units. Many believe that the poor design of these Motorcraft ignition control units makes them susceptible to going out.

Finding a durable and well-designed aftermarket ignition control unit is a great way to avoid problems in the future. With some research, you can find the right replacement unit to invest in.

Addressing the issues mentioned in this article will keep your CJ series Jeep running great for years to come.

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