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Jeeps in January: CJ2A

It was there

right here


it's there

there's that one

the back one is a basically the same thing

I just kind of hold together too yeah I got the little notches and then most of the time people's pockets know the pockets are all smashed in, or screwed up or something. They don't fit. I make a tool to actually resize those for people. Oh yeah, so I've seen a lot of them a little tab at the bottom of it's gone... they have a, yeah, there is a tab on the bottom. That's what keeps it from falling through. Yeah, and this is supposed to go like this right here. Like that, that's kind of cheesy.

So I'll put these up with straps back in here and then the top, the canvas goes on pretty easy. It's not as complicated as a 10 piece top.

This isn't a 10 piece top?

Nope, this this is just a one-piece canopy.

Okay I was like whoa!

I guess for the doors and the windows in the back and all that that's what would be a 10 piece yeah yeah so the 10 piece would have a piece here a piece here a piece there there back and a half cab and then doors and okay yeah let's see this goes on like let's see here

these uh these little grommets let's go right in these all the way down

Taylor's good on here yeah it's kind of cool looking yeah and then

it's got pieces underneath that hook onto the Center Bar here one here

one here

one on either side of this bar oops

and this keeps like nine percent of the rain off of you um

yeah amazing how well it works it's not I like this material because it dries like the canvas takes a long time to dry out this material dries really really fast so what kind of material is this huh what is this umbrella oh that's literally was the material is called yeah I think I think that's what it's called the Sunbrella and this is not an original Top This is a kind of this is something that Jeff petrovich created

that's a little one strap in the back and then these this wrapper on this that's a good idea yeah well it's it's just it's meant it's just a sun canopy but it's just nice because it keeps 90 of the rain off of you it's like if you're in a light rain keep that Sun from beating down on you too yeah and it keeps the sun off of you now my windshield it's not as tight as it used to be because my windshield you know I drive so much and kind of fast and the windshield is leaning back a little bit more than it should so I need to bend that back common thing with the two A's that the the windshield gets that leans back so I've got a system now for straightening out windshield frames Works real well that looks really good isn't that nice yeah and it's relatively fast to put on a sort of in the cold it's a little it takes take me a little while yeah you're about four and a half minutes

that's it wow yep and like you have you could have like if you wanted a better there's a crossroad that you can clamp on here and then this clamps to that but I rarely need to do that yeah that's good yeah on your top that's it

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