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C-101 Glass & Gasket Tips

Hey everyone, it's John from JeepsterMan and Steve from MasterTech! Today, Steve's tackling the installation of glass and rubber gaskets on a Jeepster Commando.

Join us as Steve shares some pro tips for getting the job done right. Installing a new gasket on a window can be challenging, but Steve's got you covered.

Start by placing the gasket on the glass and securing it with tape. Then, use plenty of lubrication and start working the rope around the edges. Make sure the zipper is on the outside for easy access. Once you've got the glass in place, it's just a matter of working it into the gasket.

Steve demonstrates how to use a hook tool to zip it up securely. And speaking of zippers, Steve explains why it's crucial to have the zipper on the outside for proper installation.

At JeepsterMan, we take pride in our workmanship, and that's why we trust experts like Steve to handle delicate tasks like this glass installation. You can find the rubber and glass products we used today on our website: thejeepsterman.com.

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