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Blazing Through Traffic

In some senses, the traffic world is about impressions.

What do you notice when you're on the road?

Well, you notice how fast a vehicle’s going. But you also notice the colors and styles that you see. What about a unique vehicle that looks like it hopped, living and breathing, right out of history?

Specialty Willys Jeep Vehicles

So when you see a cool wood-panel Willys driving up behind you, or moving through an intersection, you probably make a note of it in your mind. When you see those neat round metal and glass headlights – specimens of another time and place – they make an impression whether you're on the road or in a parking lot.

Military Vehicles

These vehicles make a more specific impression if you know about their history in the U.S. military.

Some of these models take cues from the original jeeps used in active combat in U.S. military situations.

That history and legacy is part of what gives the Willys brand its appeal.

It's why so many people are maintaining these antique cars, taking them to shows and keeping them in garage storage.

These are not your everyday vehicles. They’re really special models, but they can take a lot of effort to maintain. You're probably not going to find most of these replacement parts in your local junkyard.

That's the idea behind having a specialized shop to source all of your Willys vehicle parts and pieces as your impressive Jeep ages.

What we found is that people in the Willys community value these services because they are so often focused on keeping their jeep in top condition.

When you need additional parts for your Willys, we have them. Look through the catalog and see everything that we have available including kits for your traditional Willys vehicle. We can help you to maintain your valuable specialty jeep in the way you would like, so that you can turn heads when you're moving down the street!

You can also find opportunities to make your jeep look better with cosmetically improved parts and systems available from trusted manufacturers. This kind of “modding” can have a really neat effect. It may not add functionality, but in many cases, that’s not what you’re after! Anyway, be sure to browse the shop for all of the extras that you can get for your Willys. Happy Shopping and good luck with keeping one of these very special vehicles!

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