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3 Problems That Can Ruin The Tail Lights On Your Jeep CJ7

If you own a Jeep CJ7, you know how important it is to keep your tail lights in working condition. After all, they are an essential safety feature and can prevent accidents on the road. However, several problems can ruin your Jeep CJ7 tail lights.

Fortunately, The JeepsterMan makes finding and purchasing replacement tail lights for your CJ7 easy. Our parts are affordable and built to last. We have an extensive selection of quality replacement Jeep parts in stock.

Here are some problems that can ruin your Jeep CJ7 tail lights.

Electrical Short Circuits

A short circuit in your Jeep's electrical system can damage your tail lights. This occurs when excessive electricity runs through a system, usually caused by a broken wire or corrosion.

A short circuit causes too many amps to run through the light, potentially burning out the bulb or blowing a fuse in the main electrical system. This will cause your tail lights to stop working altogether.

If this occurs, you must find quality Jeep CJ7 tail lights quickly. We have a large selection of replacement tail lights that are affordably priced.

Moisture Problems

Tail lights that are not adequately sealed can allow moisture to seep in and damage the lens, potentially causing electrical issues. This can happen on a Jeep CJ7 when the tail light housing isn't securely attached or if the sealant has cracks or gaps.

Moisture that gets inside the tail light housing can cause rusting, corrosion, and even create a short circuit. This can cause your tail lights to flicker or stop working altogether.

If you notice that your tail lights are foggy or flickering, you need to replace them immediately. By addressing this problem early on, you can reduce the amount of damage done to your CJ7.

Broken or Cracked Tail Light

Cracks and broken tail light housings are not only an eyesore, they can also be dangerous. It is important to replace them immediately to ensure safety on the road.

Here are some types of accidents that can cause damage to your Jeep CJ7's tail light housing:

  • Road debris: Small stones flung up by passing cars can crack your tail light housing.
  • Accidents: If your CJ7 is involved in an accident, the impact could break or crack the tail light housing.
  • Bad weather: Extreme cold temperatures and hail can cause cracks in the plastic lens of the tail lights.

The JeepsterMan has a wide selection of replacement Jeep CJ7 tail lights. If you need a good deal on replacement tail lights, we're here to help. Ignoring this damage can result in electrical wiring problems. Rather than making a bad situation worse, you need to invest in new tail lights immediately.

Need Jeep CJ7 Tail Lights?

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