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Your Jeep or Willys

In this blog, we've talked a lot about these classic vehicles from a lot of different design perspectives. Owners often like to read up on some of the stuff and see it visually in magazines, or at a car show.

A lot of these design ideas have to do with the catalog that we've put together to help you to maintain your Willys vehicle.

We’ll go over some basic examples, things that we’ve seen as important to a wide spectrum of jeep and Willys owners.

Chrome Parts

These specialized Willys vehicles have a lot of chrome parts. That's not really true of a lot of modern vehicles, which may be built with new body materials and lack a chrome bumper or bars, etc.

We have a lot of these classic chrome parts in stock. They are functional, and they also make your classic jeep vehicle look good. So they’re a popular best-selling item, especially where certain chrome parts are likely to wear or get damaged over time. You don’t need a “parts car” for your Willys – just bookmark us!

Glass Headlights

Another very specialized component of these Willys vehicles is the glass headlights that are often round in shape and secured by some metal rim or frame.

Again, modern vehicles usually have elaborate plastic headlights and taillights in newfangled designs. But these classic vehicles have the old school glass headlights that look neat from a traditional perspective.

We keep this type of item in supply, too, for all of your Willys vehicles in classic year models.

Body Work

Apart from the chrome, we also carry specialized parts and accessories for dealing with damage to your jeep’s body or frame.

Owners tend to paint these up in many different bright colors for attractive results, to show them off at car shows, and to show them off anywhere they go!

We help by maintaining a catalog that helps you to replace the parts and pieces that may break or rust or otherwise degrade over time. It’s hard enough to do this for a generic family vehicle or other conveyance – if you’ve ever tried to source parts in a salvage yard, you know the challenge first-hand. So for a classic vehicle like this, trying to find a replacement part can be a hair-pulling experience. Not here! We have invested in an on-demand model that makes it easy for our customers to keep their beloved Willys in excellent condition and on the street.

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