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Rear Spring Pivot Bolt

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan. Today we're going to talk about an exciting new part that we brought back into the mix for the Willys pickup truck. It's the pivot bolt for the rear leaf spring um these were discontinued not that long ago but now we're getting these pivot bolts again. We've also managed to get a lower price on these as well so we think you'll be happy with that. Cuz it takes six of these, so we'll have a kit and we'll have a single one on the website. The part number for these that you'll find on the website is 642122 and let me just show you these pivot bolts. So I have one, this is our rear leaf spring uh for the pickup truck. We make US leaf springs or we can get the ones that come from Crown and auto Crown-- or Omix, I'm sorry. This is 11 leaf spring that is made in the US. JeepsterMan, we have these made. Um in here I've installed the pivot bolt that we're talking about in this one. There would be a shackle that's normally here, but I wanted to show you guys this pivot bolt that we have. So the pivot bolt, the way we sell it to-- it's nice... it takes the guess work out of it. So you've got the zerk fitting, you have the actual bolt itself, then you have the castle nut and then you have the cotter pin. This is greaseable cuz I'm sure we'll get that question. So there's your zerk fitting all right then there's your hole right there for that grease to come out and it comes with everything. So it takes all the guess work out of making sure you get the correct one. Um so again we'll have these in a kit in case you need all six of them cuz it takes six. Or we'll have them individually as well, uh one last thing I forgot to say is people will probably ask if these are hardened... they're not hardened but this is an extremely large bolt so if you break this you were probably doing something wrong anyways. Um so you can find these on our website our emails Got questions about these it's (314) 798 - 6462 thanks!

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