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Willys & Jeep Used Grilles

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan. Today we're talking about some of the used parts we have. I just want to show the grille collection we have. We don't have these on our website but if you're looking for a grille, we've probably got it. If you're looking for just "wall art" that's fine, or you're looking because you need to replace your grill... a lot of the grilles I have, they're not complete, they're gonna be missing some stuff but I do have grilles, some very hard to find grilles. So you can just see looking through here I've got some of like the flat grille- this will be the flat grille that was found on the 46 to 49 that you could see. And then here's the more pointed grille which is the 50 and later. The difference like the 50 and later you're going to have some grilles that are for the four cylinder the 134 and then some of them that were for the flathead 226, and then I have a few CJ grilles in here as well. But mostly what you're seeing here is Willys station wagon, Willys pickup truck, uh some Willys jeepster and some other early flat figure CJ grilles that are in this collection. A lot of people they don't know we have all these grilles, and they're kind of hard to advertise because every one has its own characteristic. So, if you're looking for one of these grilles, or you're interested in one of these grilles you can email us: sales@thejeepsterman.com you can call us 314-798-6462 Our website is the jeepsterman.com and um, if you've got any questions about these just let us know they're going to range in price depending on condition and what's left on them. So thank you for watching our videos you can follow us on youtube we're always adding new stuff new parts and making new parts as well. Thanks!

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