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Flat Fender Lift Kits

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Today we're going to talk about the lift kit that we're making for the flat fenders. It's a two inch lift so you get about two inches in the front you get about three in the rear on this thing. So these are US made springs. We just have kind of completed this kit here, I stuck it on this one. Many of these use different shackles and such so we need to know which shackles you're using on this. But you know, a lot of Manufacturers aren't making these lift kits any longer and we decided we wanted to reproduce these. We were already making these lift kits for Jeepster Commandos, Willy's pickups trucks, the station wagons... so we figured- definitely want to make them for the flat fenders as well. So you can find this on our website thejeepsterman.com you can email us if you've got questions: sales@thejeepsterman.com Thanks!

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