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Willys CJ2A Jeep Chassis

Today we're talking about the chassis that we sell this is a Willys Jeep CJ2A chassis frame that we sell excellent frames they're new uh we'll do a walk around of this real quick and we're going to show kind of the overall picture of this first let's see it so these frames uh in my opinion are better than the originals these things are robotic welded together excellent looking welds on these things they're finished in an epoxy primer and then the metal that's used is called like a galvaniel and the process they use creates a corrosion resistant metal which as many of you know your original frames are not like that so really these are just excellent quality frames Jeepster man we're one of the only um companies that carry these and I I don't think you're going to find these at a lower price we started carrying them and it recommended to customers to use these and they're really excellent price they come from MD Juan and I'm really happy with the quality of these things the welds everyone that we've sold to a customer so far um the customers really like them upgrade the welds are great and they're you know using that process with the Calvin yield is excellent so we're carrying these frames for the MB the GPW CJ2A CJ3B and CJ5 you can find all these on our website www.thejeepsterman.com if you've got questions you can email Us sales at the jeepsterman.com or you can call us 314-798-6462 and we have all these frames listed on there and I don't think you'll find a lower price our price does include the shipping as well and we just thank you guys for watching our videos thanks to get a free copy of the Willys and Jeep restoration parts catalog from the Jeepster man go to www.thejeepsterman.com and order your free copy today.

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