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Willys and Jeeps: Supplies for Classic Vehicles at The Jeepsterman

The auto industry is a big wide field – from new cars to late-model cars and trucks, and older pre-owned vehicles, buyers have a lot to choose from. Then they have to know a lot about a particular vehicle, to make the best investment and do proper maintenance, caring for the vehicle over time.

At The Jeepsterman, we serve a very special clientele – people who like the classic Jeep and Willys vehicles manufactured from the postwar years through the later part of the 20th century.

Now, if you're not a collector, you might not even know what a Willys vehicle is. Many people confuse the terms Jeep and Willys. Often times you might even hear someone call an offroad vehicle a Jeep when it truly isn't. Willys and Jeep vehicles are unique and in a league of their own' that's why we owe it to our clients to offer expertise and knowledge. 

Classic Willys, Kaiser, and Jeep Designs

These older models are dapper little vehicles that are often beloved by antique car collectors and enthusiasts who bring their vehicles to local or national car shows.

Many of them have the iconic angular style that you see in vintage magazines or collector forums. That means these models have their own collections of replacement parts, as well as upholstery and other parts of the classic design. There's a particular appeal to the vintage design of the Willys or Jeep dashboard, along with the seating, the gearshift, and more.

At The Jeepsterman, we sell a wide variety of parts for these vehicles including suspension, disc brake upgrades, safety alterations, and very rare parts, along with interior elements. We manufacture over 200 of our own parts so we can keep our prices low. Our catalog covers model years 1941-1986 Willys, Jeep, and Kaiser vehicles and we help classic collectors and drivers to savor the experience of owning one of these older vehicles and keeping it safely on the road for years to come. Check out what we have for the entire line of CJs, Willys pickup truck, Willys Station Wagon and Willys Jeepster VJ and the Jeepster Commando. Here is the list of the Kaiser, Willys, and Jeep vehicles we sell parts for:

  • Jeep Commando (1972-1973)
  • Jeep CJ-2A (1945-1949)
  • Jeep CJ-3A (1948-1953)
  • Jeep CJ-3B (1953-1968)
  • Jeep CJ-5 (1955-1983)
  • Jeep CJ-6 (1955-1975)
  • Jeep CJ-7 (1976-1986)
  • Jeep CJ-8 (1981-1986)
  • Jeep Jeepster Commando (1967-1971)

Make The Jeepsterman your one stop shop for Willys and Jeep parts, and for learning more about these excellent older vehicles, many of which hold their value quite well over time. It helps to have a second vehicle of the same model to pull from, but even if you don’t, bookmark us for quality parts and restoration expertise for these rides.

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