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Vintage Jeep Parts and Systems

If you have a classic Jeep Willys vehicle, you don't need another one, a separate parts vehicle that you can harvest from. That is one way to go, but you can also bookmark a site that has a wide range of parts and pieces for these popular old-fashioned jeeps. That’s us!

We sell all kinds of kits and replacement parts for Willys classics. Our easy to use e-commerce site helps you to keep your classic Willys vehicle in good working order, for now, and for the future. That’s a big service to the choosy owners of these well-regarded vintage jeeps.

Here’s some more of what we offer for Willys, parts and systems that are always in demand as owners maintain these important assets. Some of them are for show, for the auto event or conference, and others are more for drivability in the long run. All of them have the quality that you’d expect from a top-class seller!

Suspension Kits

Is your Willys riding right? Sometimes the old suspension gets brittle and rigid, or wears down over time. You can swap it out for one of our customized suspension systems made for your year and make of Willys.

Brake Upgrades

Old brakes were not made with today's technology. As a result, they may not be as effective as what you can get on the market today.

Braking is also an incredibly important part of safety. If you're going to be driving your Willys at any higher speeds, think about a brake upgrade.

Grille Bars

These are decorative parts that make your Willys look good on the road in the parking lot, in the garage, or at a classic auto show – or wherever else you happen to have it parked.

These are also simple to install on the front of your Willys jeep. You'll notice how they provide your set of wheels with an iconic classical look, and how that small accent piece actually plays a pretty significant role in your classic vehicle’s veneer.

Exhaust Parts, Gaskets and Pipe Clamps

The exhaust game is a little like plumbing – fitting fixtures together to effectively route emissions out the tailpipe. We have all of that little stuff that helps you to hang and angle pipes and exhaust components to preserve that unbroken chain that is so important for proper vehicle maintenance. The classic Willys might not have the most modern exhaust system, but it’s complex enough to pay attention to.

Take a look at the kits and products that we offer at The Jeepsterman, and get what you need to outfit your cool Willys.

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