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Unbeatable Prices Guarantee


Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan and today we're going to talk about prices and discounts. We get asked often um if we offer discounts. We do offer discounts on holidays and we also have a veterans discount for Veterans day that we'll be running. We are a veteran-owned company. But, we want customers to know that our prices are already the lowest in the industry. So even when a competitor runs sales, we can most times beat their prices even when they run sales. The reason we can, JeepsterMan makes over 300 of their own parts. So if you have a Willys station wagon, Willys pickup truck, a Willlys Jeepster or Jeepster Commando and many of the CJs, chances are that we're probably making many of the parts for that. So that's why we can offer the lowest prices in the industry. If you want to see our prices and check some of these out you can compare them, we'll always match or beat prices um of products that we make as well. The website is:  theJeepsterMan.com our email is sales@thejeepsterman.com if you want to call our phone number is (314) 798-6462.

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