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Three Types Of Available Additions For Your Willys

If you have a classic Willys vehicle in your garage, you're lucky. People really prize these authentic vintage jeeps and what they represent on the American road.

But from time to time, your Willys is going to need replacement parts and systems. Here are three components of what we offer in our online catalog, with the utmost attention to customer service and helping people to keep these valuable assets in good condition. We want your Willys to be all that it can be, as a relic of a bygone age that many remember fondly.

Upholstery Kits

We sell upholstery for a Willys, so that you can repair the seating and restore an old vehicle to give it new life, for car shows or anything else. We have upholstery samples available where you can see color choices online – grays, reds, beige, tan and all of those other tones that add flair to your Willys restoration project. New seating really makes a big difference!

Brake Conversion Kits

Willys vehicles typically come with drum brakes in the back. But owners like to have a full disc brake setup with one master cylinder. So they may approach a brake conversion process using one of our disc brake conversion kits for Willys jeeps.

You'll see that we have all of the vital pieces and parts for streamlining your brake conversion project. There’s a significant amount of complexity here, based on the master cylinder, etc., so it helps to have a kit that provides some guidance on how to do this modding.

Grille Bars

These helpful accessories fit on the news of your Willys to give it its own classic look.

Grilles and grille bars are a big part of the aesthetic for restoring older vehicles. These are durable, high quality items that complement the rest of what we provide for a wide range of authentic Willys legacy vehicles.

Take a look at the rest of the site. Peruse the blog to find out more about the Willys in general, and our catalog in particular. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you are looking for something specific – chances are we have it! Our shopping cart system is easy to use, and you can even join our mailing list to stay in the loop about what’s going on over here. Become part of a community of Willys fans keeping these great old jeeps on the road.

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