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Road Tested: T90 Top Shifter

Part #: 946111

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Uh, today we want to talk about one of the parts that we offer. We also want to talk about how we road test these parts. So um we've been in the race for the Epic Willys Adventure. We use a lot of our own parts-- lot of the parts that we sell at Jeepsterman we test them, we run them. If we find we don't like them then we look for other option brands or whatever we can. But I have good things to say about the T90 uh top shifter. Comes from uh Omix-ada... really been happy with it. We had to rebuild our transmission in this T90. One of the problems before with this transmission- kept coming out of second and it was even coming out of first. Um so we knew we had some worn parts in the top shifter. We didn't have time to rebuild it, so we installed the uh Omix one. So you can kind of see it right in here um, and we've put over 1,000 miles on this thing already. You'll see some oil and such but we had some other problems with this trip um for some oil. But we're really impressed with this shifter- was super tight. We put it right in, solved any shifting problems that we had. So I really have nothing but good things to say about it, and we've tested this one so we feel good about it. If you need one of these top shifters we do sell either rebuild kits or you can buy the whole top shifter um, you can find them on our website and call us if you want to ask us questions (314) 798-6462 or shoot us an email and uh just like to thank you guys for watching our videos. And we just want people to know that we also test these parts and run them on our own vehicles. We install them- we we put them through the test. So uh thanks, thanks for watching.

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