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Rear Shackle Bushing Kit

This is Mark from the JeepsterMan. Today, I want to talk a little bit about these rear shackle bushings. And this is a kit that we sell, and you can see there's an upper and a lower set of bushings that go in this kit. This is a two and a half inch wide shackle- very common they wear out- and they should wear out. They're actually meant to absorb a lot of the, road vibration, road shocks, bumps, driving characteristics of your vehicle. So these bushings right in here will wear over time. So we sell a kit in this kit, you can see it right here it's actually uh, direct replacement for a two and a half inch wide rear spring this happens to be a 67 Jeepster commando but this fits pretty much any two and a half inch wide on the Jeepster. So part number is: 5357499k And the K stands for Kit because it comes in a complete kit. A lot of people ask questions about torque on these because you do not want to over torque these. And it doesn't matter whether you face the bolts inside or out, you can face them either way. I face them out um, just out of preference but you only want to tighten these to about 35 foot pounds. Any more than that you risk stripping this bolt and you're really going to put too much tension on them that they're not meant for. So you can find this part on our website you can also email us at: or you can call us at: 314-798-6462 and once again thanks a lot.

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