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Pickup Truck: Rear Shackles

Part #: 646729

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Today we're going to discuss the uh rear shackles for the Willy's pickup truck uh back in stock at Jeepsterman, US-made. Um, this part number is 64 6729. These are sold individually. These are used on the Willys pickup truck as mentioned uh, 1947 to '64. They're going to be four-wheel drive only. These are the rear shackles, so they go in the very rear of the rear spring uh for the rear. So two are required. And like I said, sold individually. Um you can see... real quality made product, made in the US. Brake bent laser cut on CNC. They have the bushings installed in them. Uh they're ready for paint, ready for installation. And you can find these on our website thejeepsterman.com If you got questions you can email us: sales@thejeepsterman.com and our phone number is (314)798-6462 and uh you're going to see more and more of these parts. You know Walck's um they they went out of business and sold out. And we're having all those parts made, so you're going to see more- more of these parts come in stock at great prices. And uh just thank you guys for watching our video, and if you got any any other questions just let us know! Thanks.

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