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Panhard Bar Bushings

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan. Today we're talking about the Panhard bar. So this Panhard bar is only found on one year only- on a '67 Jeepster. I've never seen these on any other CJs, Willys or Jeep vehicles but they used it for one year on this. So they're very prone to the bushings wearing out. And nobody makes like an exact bushing, but we discovered that the shock bushings that would go in here suffice perfectly for the bushings for the Panhard bar. So that's what we're doing today we're replacing these bushings in this Panhard bar. This Panhard bar connects back behind the axle here, then over there on the driver's side frame. This one also has a sway bar on it. I've only seen this on the 67 Jeepsters I've never seen it on any of the other Jeepster Commandos. Now you'll see these later on the CJs. But we do have these on the website if you need these you can find them at: or you can email us if you've got questions. Thanks! 


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