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NOS & Used Willys Jeep Parts

 All right guys this is John at Jeepsterman uh today we're going to talk about some more of the used parts that we have which we have tons mostly you're going to see jeepster commando use parts you're going to see some station wagon pickup truck and some of the early cj these parts as well vent windows for jeepster commandos i've got stacks of these things there's more of them they made them both with uh stainless steel on them and like this grayish primer looking so i've got tons of those if you need them uh these are splash pans use splash pans on the jeepster commando we also make new ones these here um they look kind of rough but it's the only option you have if somebody's cut out the rear wheel well on your jeepster commando we do save these and keep those so you can weld those back in cross members for jeepster commando these are different fenders that i have for the jeepster commando i've sold a lot of my good jeepster commando fenders there's going to be something that happens with these fenders i just will save that for later but um i think most of our customers are going to be happy with what you have for fenders here later and you can see we've got we saved these as well on jeep commanders they're bad about rusting out so this rear corner here for the taillight we'll save those in case you need them tailgates we make new tailgates but then i keep some used ones as well these are not going to be perfect they're going to have rust on them but if you want an original one i do have them uh we do keep them here you can see uh these are wagon and truck hoods these are 50 through 64. i can see that's either like a wagoneer later truck hood that i have there's some different steering columns for the jeepster manual up there then you can look down through here i've got all kinds of doors these are all jeepster commando doors that you see here i've got a ton of them we're going to walk along here now most of these hoods these are pickup truck and station wagon hoods like i said they're the 50 to 64. i've got a ton of them they are expensive to ship but we can ship these things they range in price just depending on the quality rust damage stuff like that some people are buying these things for wall art because they are pretty cool we'll keep walking down through here windshield frames shield frames on jeepster commandos can be bad about rusting so we keep some of those so if yours is rusted out we do have a few good ones

here you can see more hoods truck station wagon these here this is a 72 to 73 commando hood i've got several of those you can see moving on down to the hoods here's jeepster commando hoods these are going to be 67 to 71 hoods if you look up there the cows those are cows for jeepster commando we save those um just in case because they do get damaged sometimes people their hood flies up those get damaged so we cut those out you can see i've got several different grills i see some commando the bullnose 7273 grills up there i see a razor grill for like the wagon here and truck then again we've got dashes for jeepster commando and i see a couple doors that like for a wagon here and a station moving on here you can see i got i have grills i can see early grills in here i can tell by the parking lights and i can see some later grills these are cj grills that you're seeing here and you're seeing jeepster commando grilles as well again we can ship these some people are buying them up for wall art some people need them for their restorations more cj grills mostly in here cj5 hoods that i've got there

and i see a couple inner fenders and core supports for the commando the bullnose and stuff up there and a couple fenders that are kind of rough here's more jeepster commando grilles that we've got there and that's pretty much the used parts in this section we have more used parts we'll do some more videos on those uh if you're looking for these used parts if they're jeepster commando you're going to want to contact mark his phone number is 314-798-6462 for the jeepster commando stuff if you're looking for the wagon pickup truck cj call that same number and ask for you can ask for john jamie or brett can you email us sales at the mark's email is mark if you got any questions just let us know thanks to get a free copy of the willys and jeep restoration parts catalog from the jeepsterman go to and order your free copy today

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