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New Willys Station Wagon Lift Kit

We have finally brought a complete lift kit to the market for the 1946-1964 Willys Station Wagon/Utility Wagon. Our kits are custom made specifically for the Station Wagon/Utility series.  We use high-grade steel and thicker springs to maintain arch and durability.  We spent months perfecting these springs and matching the right components for a great look and stable ride.  This 2″ kit will allow 32" tires with no other modifications.  You can use your stock wheels and brake lines.  A mild lift that will make your Station Wagon stand out and improve ride characteristics. This complete kit offers one stop package so you aren't looking for hard to find parts – see below:


  • New 2" arched springs with all pressed-in bushing installed where applicable, made in the USA. These are heavy duty springs and a leaf from each spring can be removed if a softer ride is desired. 
  • Monroe gas charged shocks for a stable ride (we do not recommend off-road shacks due to poor ride characteristics). If you would like Rancho off road shocks we do offer them for an additional price.
  • New shackle kits for the front and rear (4 kits). Please note we use the 916646 shackles for the front springs and 928763 shackles for the rear springs.
  • Includes all 8 U-bolts with washers and nuts. 
  • Made to order, please allow 2 business days before springs ship.
  • Note: All 4 springs are shipped separately with separate tracking numbers. All remaining hardware ships in one box. 

  • Note: Longer brake hoses are not needed. You are only lifting the vehicle 2" beyond stock height. We do offer stainless steel braided hoses and different lengths if needed for custom applications. 

  • Note: We use the later style silent block front shackles. If you have the early style threaded type you will want to replace your front hangers with part number 645966.

  • Note: Please check all of your shackle brackets and hangers and rear spring front eye pivot bolts. We have seen hangers worn beyond repair that could need to be replaced. If you need rear spring front eye pivot bolts use part number 641295.

  • Note: Shipping is already included.  Expect 5 shipments for this complete kit. 

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