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MD Juan's Paint Booth

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan today we're going to talk about something pretty cool here. Today we're at MD Juan in the Philippines and I, you know, I've got some friends that have powder coat ovens but, how about an entire powder coating room? So this entire room we're standing in is like an oven basically and it's an entire powder coating room. Uh basically you can see behind me they have a system of racks. They'll put the parts on these racks, they preheat them first then they paint them and then after that they go through a 22-minute cycle of basically a powder coating oven that we see up above here. Um you know roughly it takes over 20 minutes to do this. MD Juan powder coats many of their products so this is something that we saw today that we thought was really cool and wanted to show you guys. Uh you can follow us on YouTube to look for more of these videos. Our website is if you got questions you can email us and our phone number is (314) 798-6462 thanks.

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