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Metal Treatment Process

Hey guys it's John at JeepsterMan and we have Jaime with us today he's from MD Juan. We're going to talk about this process of-- so many of the parts that MD Juan produces, they're sent through um some of these baths you can see here. And some of these are just to clean the product, some of them are to de-rust them, and then they have the ED process as well for these. so Jaime really is kind of the expert on this stuff so we'll discuss some of this. So Jaime tell me about the first one here this- the first one these parts go into. Which is for which process? Uh the first bath is uh we call the the degreaser right so it removes all uh the oil off the parts-- so the degreaser is the first process that we see the tubs the other bare metal parts they all come in here because here in the Philippines where we're at, obviously gets humid but they also... some of these parts get grease on them so you go through degreaser. The next step is uh the rinse the water rinse to remove the chemical from the. So they remove at that point they're rinsing it uh from the degreaser. If the metal has uh so many rust so we will uh... the de-ruster? Right the de-ruster. So at this point, and like we said you know with humidity bare metal sometimes you might have rust so this is the de-ruster bath, so it removes rust from those tubs or any other bare metal parts. And then the water rinse again. Water rinse again here... doesn't really look like water, but this is the water rinse. And then the phosphate. Phosphate, right? Okay so now uh all of these parts are dipped in phosphate from there. And then I'm going to guess what, another rinse? Yeah another rinse. Okay so here we can see the rinse on these and that's another rinse... so we have two rinses there. And then this is the rinse for de coating. This is uh deionized water. So deionized water here and this is in preparation for the Ed coating. And something, you know, we want everybody to know that MDJuan... so you might have competitors out there that they don't go through these processes for their sheet metal; body tubs, none of that. Um by the time this is done, they've gone through this process, they're a corrosion resistant product. So after the Ed, which is this bath over here. Jaime tell me what-- what is next on this this process? This- this is a main ED bath. So okay yeah this is a uh Ultra-- or I mean uh, Electro Deposition paint. So it will uh energize the paint so that uh the paint will adheres to the metal. Okay so help me pronounce that again the EDP was electro deposition paint. So basically they provide or they--they charge the um substance here electrically which charges the metal which allows the paint to adhere to the metal in a better manner... so that's what this dip here is. And this is what helps with all the primer and the paint that stick to the product once they get ready to paint it. And after that, another rinse. Correct? And these are the final rinses. So from here you can see these are the final three rinses. Um so basically-- basically what we just covered, we just showed the several steps of this process how MD Juan takes their metal, how they clean it, degrease it de- rusted, and then they ED um prep that and then they're rinsed. And once they're done with that they're primered or they're powder coated. So if You' got any more questions you can see this stuff on our YouTube TheJeepsterMan. You can also go to MD Juan, or our website's you can email us or you can call (314) 798 - 6462 thanks.

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