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MD Juan's Body Tub Supply

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan and today we're at one of the coolest places. When I walked into this room earlier I was mesmerized by what you can see here in the background. So we're here at MD Juan in the Philippines at their Factory. As you can see, got all these body tubs. Um so they keep these body tubs, they're normally about a month supply. So, we have this entire row of body tubs here... but then there's another row on the other side. So just imagine that all these tubs are going to owners vehicles that are going to be fitting these tubs to all their vehicles. And this is just a month supply. So we thought it was really cool they keep all these. And you can see, so we have the red primer ones and then we've got black primer and typically red primer is going to signify it's a military tub, and then the black ones are usually going to signify we have civilian tubs. So just looking down through here I can see CJ2A's. I can see MB's um... some of the others. And then around here we also we saw some of the samples if we can walk over this way. So something we we saw earlier we noticed, you know MD Juan, they keep samples of the products that they- that they produce so they can constantly check measurements, make changes if they have to. And that's all their samples over in this area. Behind me, um we'll show these samples you can also see the trailers. Behind me this is the loading dock. Here at MD Juan my understanding is they load full containers right up here to this loading dock, and this is how they get containers from here in the Philippines to us in the US. And you can see, I think it might have shown down this all these tubs. You can see windshield frames in there there's chassis, I see trailer chassis in there and then all this stuff to my left as well. I see there's hoods over there I see tailgates, floor pans, just all kinds of stuff. And this is mostly, my understanding, all the stuff they keep for a month supply. So, you want to see more videos like this we'll be walking through the factory. And follow us on YouTube you can also check MD Juan out- they do some of their own videos as well. Uh, got questions our website's you can email us or you can call us (314) 798 - 6462 thanks.

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