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MB Body Tub Kit

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Alright, go. Both the black horn button, and the ivory horn button. Two inches in the front, you get about three inches in the rear on this. Hooch our dog has something to say about it too. Drilling holes or whatever um, for the tub to fit on these frames they're already pre fit for you. We put them through the test, so.

Hey guys it's John at JeepsterMan. Today we're going to talk about the MB body tub. We'll talk about the kit and the regular body. We have one out on display here so we'll just show it real quick so you can see it. These are MD Juan body tub kits that we sell, that you can find on our website. This one here is like the later composite style, all right. The later composite style those are not scripted so there's no script on the back- those would be like the earlier styles. You can see these come in red primer. They're 16 gauge and 18 gauge steel- uses galvanneal which is a corrosion resistant steel which is really nice keeps these things from rusting. You can see this has the indents and stuff for the tools, the axe and shovel. Let's kind of get a look at the floor in there: you can see these have all the brackets that you would find on the MB's and GPW's. Got the sump and everything; the floor is designed for a T84, we can get these designed for a T90 by special order. We get questions about the dash: if the holes are drilled... yes the holes are drilled there for the dash. You can see the glove box. See all the braces, everything in there it's supposed to be in there. Floor hole cover, holes for the CL and brake pedal and such. You see all the brackets in the back wheel wells. So the um, let's look at the front over here. Here's the front firewall. We get questions about that as well you can see that pretty much all the holes are drilled for that. Typically you will have to drill holes to mount these body tubs to your chassis they don't typically pre-drill those if you don't order a chassis because, you know, chassis and tubs can differ a little bit and they need to be lined up so you would drill your holes for that. We'll show, so the kit, you know, you can buy just the body tub you see here... or you can buy a kit! The kit comes with two fenders, so these are wrapped in plastic. Comes with a driver and passenger side fender, all right, comes with the windshield frame you can see over here, here's the windshield frame, also has the inner windshield frame... has the uh, brackets and such on it and also comes with some of the cowl rubber that I see there. The hood, it also comes with that. I already have the hood in the back of my truck so if you get the body tub kit, it comes with the hood. And you can see the grille in there, all right. It's not the it's not the slat Grill but this is the MB grille, the later nine grille, or nine slot one. Um, we can get earlier slat grills if you want them. And, we'll come over here and like I said here's the other fender that it comes with so uh, in all you know we kind of we show the body tub here's the passenger side you can see. No indents on these sides on that. But you can find all of these on our website. Some of these can be special ordered. You get MB/GPW's, we can get 2A all of those, you can get scripted slat grilles later composites. Any of that stuff that you want to order um, you can find all this stuff on thejeepsterman.com. If you have got questions you can email us sales@thejeepsterman.com Phone number is (314) 798-6462 And thanks for watching our video and if you got any questions let us know, thanks!

Good job John! It just fires right up. Good Job!

Uh oh! That's not good...broke a rod. No, he's just tapping the....

Terrible! Terrible!

The look on his face was priceless. What!

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