Jeep Disc Brake Conversions for the Dana 25 Dana 27 and Dana 30 at The JeepsterMan - The JeepsterMan

Jeep Disc Brake Conversions for the Dana 25 Dana 27 and Dana 30 at The JeepsterMan

Stopping power, who want's stopping power? In today's driving conditions our old Jeeps don't always hold up to the stopping power you would like to have. Often times it becomes a safety factor for your family and you. Who wants to drive a Willys Jeep that either can't be stopped or requires to much muscle to try to stop?

Here at The JeepsterMan we take safety and convenience to another level. JeepsterMan offers safety and convenience upgrades that matter most when it comes to your Willys Jeep. During the era of 1941-1971 Willys, Jeep, and Kaiser vehicles were known for not having the greatest brakes. Some of these drum brake parts have become obsolete as well. That is why we have created our own line of disc brakes conversions for Willys, Jeep, and Kaiser vehicles. JeepsterMan does there own in house machining on these disc brake conversions and we also installed these kits on our own vehicles. We can provide technical support on these disc brake conversions that no other competitor can compete with. 

What sets our kits apart from competitors is the ease of installation and the fact that we offer the largest rotor of any kit with a measurement of 12 1/4" in diameter and 1 1/8" thick unlike other kits that use the small Suzuki rotor and caliper. Our GM calipers use the large 2.75" single piston. These kits will allow your Jeep to stop on a dime and give you 9 cents back!!!!!! Our kits also use less parts like front hubs which means our prices are very competitive. We offer the only front disc brake conversion that uses a slide over rotor that mounts on top of the hub like the original drum for a simple and easy installation. We caution customers against using kits that do not provide hubs that are properly machined on the back side for other disc brake kits. All parts can be replaced at a local parts store except the rotors that are machined in house. We offer disc brake conversions for the following axles: Dana 25, Dana 27, Dana 30, Dana 41, Dana 44, Dana 53 and the front Planar suspension. We offer both front and rear axles disc brake conversions. Our rear disc brake kits can be ordered with or without the e-brake provision. We also offer installation videos that can be found at these links: and

Our disc brake conversions fit the following vehicles. We have front and rear axle conversions for most applications. 

  • 1941-1945 MB
  • 1941-1945 GPW
  • 1946-1949 CJ-2A
  • 1949-1953 CJ-3A
  • 1953-1964 CJ-3B
  • 1955-1971 CJ-5
  • 1972-1976 CJ-5
  • 1950-1952 M38
  • 1952-1966 M38A1
  • 1946-1964 Willys Pickup Truck 4WD only
  • 1946-1964 Willys Station Wagon 4WD or Planar
  • 1967-1971 Jeepster Commando
  • 1972-1973 Jeep Commando
  • 1948-1951 Willys VJ Jeepster

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