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Jeep Commando Lift Kits

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman just wanted to show you a lift kit we were working on today uh this one here we're doing in house this is a 73 jeep commando and we just put a two inch lift kit on it so this thing obviously has some ugly tires on it we know that but we just wanted to kind of show you the preliminary specs on what it lifted this thing up to a lot of people complain that the jeepster commando and the commando but they almost look like they're two wheel drive because they sit so low now compound that with 50 year old springs that have completely sagged out they sit very low so this one here is just a two inch lift but it really raised this vehicle probably at least three inches because they were sagged out and we still had these small tiny donut sized tires on this thing so um we're just going to get a look at the video here just kind of show you the vehicle now that it's lifted up later on we obviously we're going to put some different tires on this thing and i think we're going to do some different wheels as well but you know you can see it lifted this vehicle up quite nice i would say before this wheel well was all the way down around there so we got probably about three inches out of this this lift kit with the two inch lift kit most people we recommend that they run a 31 inch tire we really like the bfg because they give a nice squared shoulder to them instead of something that's real rounded looking this looks like a car tire on this thing but yeah a lot of people run a 31 inch tire after this um they can do different wheels if they want to this one we added disc brakes to it so we're using some wheel spacers but this is our two inch lift kit you can find it either on just jeepster site or you can find it at you can email us sales at the or you can call 314-798-6462

we do offer a four inch lift kit as well so if you've got any questions let us know and thanks

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