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Flat Fender 2.5" Lift Kits

Part #: CJ-LK-2.5

Hey guys it's John at Jeepsterman. Today we're working on our 1947 CJ2A and we've got some uh exciting news about a new product that we offer, people been asking for it. We've sold lift kits for years, for the Jeepster Commando. Then we started doing the wagons and trucks and all of ours are U.S. made- and then people started looking for the uh for the CJs and there's a lot of CJs out there obviously, so we came up with a 2 1/2 inch lift kit uh for the CJs 1940 and the MB/GPW's as well. So it's going to cover 1941 all the way to 1964. There's a few variations and differences but basically the springs are all the same, it's the shackles usually that are different on these things. But we have our 2 1/2 inch kit installed on this one. I'll cover it a little bit and show you. Here's one of the uh rear springs that we use so our springs, like I said, are U.S. made. They're properly made with the correct military wrap- you don't get that with some of the competitor springs or some of the springs that are made overseas, so that's why people want the proper US-made spring. So here at Jeepsterman we have those. So they come, I can tell right here this is the shackle eye, so all the springs the shackle eye is going to be open like that um because depending on what shackle you use because there's three different shackles that were used on these things uh and then it's going to have the brass pressed in eye for the pivot end all right, so you can see that that's already pressed in there. Now that should be the same on all the vehicles. So we offer this kit two different ways: you can either get it in a complete kit that comes with everything, or you can get it with just your leaf springs because we get people sometimes they've already replaced u-bolt shock and stuff like that so they don't want a complete kit... they just want the leaf springs. In our kit it's going to come with four leaf springs all right, it's going to come with U-bolts uh so U-bolts front/rear, it's going to come with four shocks, and it's going to come with four pivot bolts. So I'll just show you some of those real quick what I was talking about the shackles, there's three different ones. This is the u-bolt style all right um this is the one that's threaded. There's right-hand, left-hand thread ones. We do offer these if you need new ones um we even have the hangers as well if you need those. We- like I said we don't send shackles because there's three different variations. Here's the U-bolts that it comes with so in the front you're going to get three U-bolts that are the same size and then you get one that is the larger u-bolt to go in this housing right, and then I show the shocks here they're Monroe Shocks that we use. I didn't install them yet on the rear on this, but you do get four shocks. Next let me move back here a little bit. All right here's the uh pivot bolts, all right so you get four pivot bolts and they have um grease fittings- Zerk fittings on them there. So you get four of those, and these go in the fixed eye portion the pivot eye of the spring. So there's one, two... and then three, four. I do recall these are 7/8 so you're going to use a 7/8 to do those um, sometimes people ask me how to put these kits on but it's usually pretty self-explanatory. Do one at a time. You don't have to have a lift to do this. Um, the reason we send new U-bolts, you really need to be using new U-bolts when you're replacing springs. Um, there's- we don't send shims because they're really not needed because you're only doing two and a half inches. You don't need no longer brake hoses either. If you end up with longer ones you can get them but they don't come with the kit. Um, moving on back... or something I missed actually. The front springs, they're eight leaves okay, and then the rear that we make they're nine. Now some people ask me they're like "hey is this going be the stiff as ride as the original ones?", yes they are and that's inherently because you got eight leafs in the front and nine in the rear um, and those springs... Back then the technology, those springs they had a lot of spring packs in them eight, nine that's a lot. So what they did later on in vehicles is they used a wider spring and they use less leaves so obviously these are only one and 3/4 inch wide so that's why they had to stick eight, nine, ten... and they're going to be a stiff ride no matter what. We do see some people that will take a leaf out um, and try to get a a ride that's not as stiff... but that's kind of up to you. We don't- we don't do that here, we don't want to avoid any warranties or anything. Plus it could cause your spring to sag prematurely. But some people they do take a leaf or two out. If you're going to do it, take it out from the middle, all right and you can re-clamp these things. Uh let me move on back here. And and you're going to have shackles in the rear, and like I said again there's three different shackles. They were either these u-bolt style, the silent um the silent type or the uh 928763s and based off when you order this kit you're going to tell us what model you have and what year you have so we can make sure that we set your springs up correctly. That's really the only difference in those springs there so um, like I said this lift kit fits '41 to '64 um... all the CJs, M38, MB, GPW, M38A1, um all of those it fits. So you can find these on our website thejeepsterman.com Got questions about it you can email us: sales@thejeepsterman.com and the phone number is (314) 798-6462.

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