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Custom MB Maxi Kit

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan. Today we're going to talk about the Maxi kits and the Jeep in a crate. Uh so basically we have a maxi kit behind us. This is an MB Maxi kit uh this will be an earlier one so we'll kind of do a walk around on this. Something that's cool about the Maxi kit and the Jeep in the crate is these things are assembled here in the factory at MD Juan. First everything's lined up and such before they ever leave out. Um, some people, you know, they'll complain about the fitment of tubs, chassis, whatever. Cuz sometimes people are just ordering a tub from us and not the chassis so sometimes people complain things don't always line up the way that they should but if you're ordering a a maxi kit or a Jeep in a crate from JeepsterMan, all of these components are assembled together and fitted up before they ever leave this Factory. Uh now for sometimes shipping we take these apart afterwards... but everything here gets lined up first. So we'll walk around this and we'll talk about this. This one here is actually for one of our JeepsterMan customers that we're doing specifically for him. So this is an MB. Uh this customer is going to use a T90 transmission. So something they wanted was- they wanted a CJ2A floor in it, so we can do that sort of stuff. So let me show you. So in this Maxi kit here and this floor here- so this has a floor that's like a CJ2A so that you can fit the T90 in it instead of the T84, which is hard to come by. So you can see these Maxi kits they come with I believe roughly 90 pieces. There are more pieces to this um at first- the first prep they do or, or first finish I should say, is the red primer. And they test fit everything they might have to do a little grinding and whatnot- line everything up. And then once these are all fitted up and they're done um you know like JeepsterMan sometimes we specifically do certain colors. So we'll be doing an olive drab primer on this one once it's done. If it wasn't, they would then go back and put red primer on this one again once they're done fitting stuff up. Things get scratched up while they're fitting them. Um so here you can see this one... Yep this is our MB- it does not have the Willys script cuz this is a later one which would be like the composite. Um so really just pretty cool. And the Maxi kits um very similar to a Jeep in a crate it's just it doesn't come with a fancy pine box. But it comes with every item that the Jeep in the crate comes with except that box we discussed. So you have wheels and tires. You have a chassis, radiator, all these other items; seat frames... we don't have the handles on this one yet but it gets all the handles. Obviously tub, fenders, hood, gets the rope... gets all kinds of stuff. You can see the whole list of all of those items depending on which model it's anywhere from 85 to 90 items that it comes with... and we can do some things um, like if you need the 2A floor in it or whatever besides the uh MB floor. So we can do things like that as well. We also offer this in the GPW. So, got questions you can look at this stuff on um at MD Juan's site or you can go to the JeepsterMan which is you can look at our YouTube. um you got questions about this? email and you can call us (314) 798 - 6462 thanks. 

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