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Willys MB "Jeep in a Crate"

Buy all your Willys and Jeep Restoration Parts at the jeepsterman.com because we're not just jeepsters anymore hey guys this is John from JeepsterMan today we're going to talk about something really cool you don't really see a whole lot of these um what we've got here is it's modeled after the 1942 Willy's MB Jeep and a crate um originally this was a World War II thing and initially they would send these over to the war during World War II in crates and then they'd be assembled in the war zone now there's all kinds of urban legends myths whatever that maybe you could buy these after the war but I don't think that's ever actually happened however MD Juan has recreated as much as they could the Jeep and the crate so that's what we have here today we're really excited about it you don't see these very often but Jeepster man we do carry these so right now I'm just kind of holding this door closed because I wanted to show you the crate that this comes in all right so they're using Pinewood such on these things and all the stampedes on it so it really looks cool we had initially bought this for ourselves to take to a show but we had a customer really wanted um they're made to unfold okay now you can get this same kit without this crate and the price is a little bit lower if you don't need this crate but we definitely want to show this to you because I don't think you'll hardly see these in the U.S so I'm gonna go ahead and fold this down

all right so there you go and all four sides of this actually fold down and then the lid goes up on this thing now I did pull a couple of items already out on this thing so you could see everything better in here and we'll talk about it um now this kit this kit comes with 88 items I'm not going to go through every single item you can look on our website for Jeep and a crate and one of the pages does show all 88 or I'm sorry 88 products on there but we'll just talk about some of the main products that come in this kit so like I said this is modeled after the 42 Willys MB they come finished in OD green primer so they still need Paint okay so obviously you have the tub all right we've got fenders Hood we've got the grill windshield frame gun rack we've got seats in this thing we have all five uh wheels and tires in this and then you're gonna see all the brackets and such that would have came on one of these World War II and bees that are also on these things now something I want to be very clear about because we get this question we get this call a lot this is not a full kit all right there is no drive train with this kit there's no transmission there's no front and rear axle with this there's no engine with this all right so there there's no drive train with these and nobody makes a complete kit that comes with the drivetrain and all that but this is the most complete kit out there with 88 pieces that you will find so an excellent option for somebody that maybe has an entire drivetrain that's just wasted and really you just need a whole body and tub and everything or for somebody who wants to build one from scratch and has all those parts taken symbol so we'll kind of walk through and talk about this a little bit more but I wanted to be clear that it does not come with a drivetrain because we get asked that a lot and we'll just kind of start from the front here you can see the earlier style MB Grille on this thing this thing has brand new frame and Chassis something I want to point out about the frames um MD Juan really does an excellent job on their uh frames their robotic welded excellent welds on these things I really like them um and and I feel like these are these frames are probably better than what you were going to see on original ones because they're built robotically all right and all this stuff the other thing I like about the Jeep in a crate or any of the products that we offer that comes with a body and a frame they're pre-fitted from the factory so sometimes you would hear people complain that MD Juan tubs don't line up well maybe they don't line up with your frame or maybe things have been changed and that's why they don't line up plus you're talking about a 70 year old vehicle what's cool about getting these is they're already lined up so I've already went through and looked at all these body mount bolts all these pads everything's lined up on this thing so you're not going to have the issue of relocating or drilling holes or whatever for the tub to fit on these frames they're already pre-fit for you not to say that you still have some small holes hoses but as far as the frame being mounted to to the tub and all of that they're already pre-fit front clip everything on these things um so we talked about the front on this you can see here so it already has a fuel tank installed on it it's got seat frames all right we'll talk about the seat cushions in a minute because I'll open that up you can see it's already drilled for all the gauges in there uh there's leaf springs that are sitting inside of this kit I see a skid plate sitting in there this is the Manila rope that goes on the front bumper up there it has data plates already on it on the passenger side you can see it comes with the uh the top bows there is a canvas top in here somewhere I know that's part of the kit so it's got that as well and then on the back it's kind of hard to see these but it's got all the brackets you would have seen on an MB so for the fuel can I can see the spare tire bracket back there and I can see the bumper s on there as well all right uh then we're going to move over these these are a few items that I pulled out of the crate these items were were already in the crate so this comes with a radiator fan shroud here's one of the seat cushions here's an exhaust pipe that I see these boxes were inside of that I just pulled them out seat cushions and a couple other small miscellaneous Parts in there I see some looks like extra primer in these things and more seat cushions uh speaking about primer and metal some people don't know this the metal on these things is finished in what we call galvaniel which is a corrosion resistant metal that hopefully you won't have the rust tissues like you did on some of these other vehicles like I said you still would need to paint this vehicle but you can find this kit on our website I don't think there's there's hardly any of these other kits in the US you do have to special order these things and like I said you can order this kit without the fancy wooden box we can just get in a regular crate if you need that you can find these on our website our website's the jeepsterman.com you can email us about this if you got questions it's sales at the jeepsterman.com or you can call 314-798-6462 thanks to get a free copy of the Willys and Jeep restoration parts catalog from the JeepsterMan go to www.theJeepsterMan.com and order your free copy today

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