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Willys Jeep Hubcaps & Emblems

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Today we're just going to talk about some of the new parts we have and we're just going to show some comparisons with some competitor parts, and then the parts we make. The first thing we're going to talk is about the Willys glue-in emblem that goes in the sitter hood ornament this is the old one that we used to have and this is our new one so you can see our new one i really like the quality of this new one we weren't happy with- the drawing of the old one- and you can see this was just kind of flat as well. This new one's nice and embossed, it's concave. Now this one does have the silver outlining to it and later on we will be doing one that has a gold outline to it... but you can kind of see the quality difference between the two of those- we just got a huge shipment of those in- the Jeepsterman exclusively makes that part number on the website is w-o-e if you're looking for that one next we're going to talk about the hubcaps so these are the hubcaps that you typically found on the two-wheel drive vehicles the jeepsters and the station wagons this is our competitor's hubcap this is our hubcap here on the other side all right so we're going to talk about the quality between the two videos this competitor hubcaps. Sometimes you will find this one a little bit lower price but I'm going to show you why it's lower priced. You can tell looking at the the drawing on this one looking at the colors that they're not quite right like it's more of a reddish color not that deeper maroonish color and it would appear that my son's preschool class probably hand painted these things. so you can see somebody hand painted that stuff there's no delineation at all between the red and this white really this was supposed to be like a goldish color this is some sort of like bone white color. There's no little chrome strip to delineate between those um you can even see the orange peel kind of in that paint as well so really the quality is not so great on that one plus for whatever reason I don't know why but this hubcaps' a little bit flatter than what it's supposed to be so next we're going to move over to ours. So this is the JeepsterMan hubcap we exclusively make this hubcap here um in my opinion this this paint quality is far better plus this gap sticks up a little bit higher like it's supposed to it's got the darker maroonish color for the Willy's color has the gold you can clearly see our delineation between the red and the gold there and the contours in this um so we just wanted to talk about the quality of those two parts and show you these parts because these two new parts just came in so if you're looking for these parts the emblem like i said that part number is w-o-e the uh part number for the hubcaps is 644-365. if you want to find these on our website it's www www.thejeepsterman.com

you can search those parts or you can email us sales@thejeepsterman.com you can also call us 314-798-6462


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