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CJ2A Tub from MD Juan

Part #: A-12277BO-2A

CJ-2A body tub and body tub kit they're they're kind of the same thing except the kit comes with more items but we wanted to pull this CJ-2A body tub out to give you a look at these um something we carry here at Jeepster man we're a dealer for md1 directly so our prices we can typically always beat any competitors prices on these MD Jaun tubs or tub kits that we have so we'll just talk about this and I was just at their Factory in the Philippines so we got to look at some of this and see how these were made close up so these are all constructed they have 18 gauge steel in the floors and 16 gauge steel on the side panels all right something unique about these tubs is are made with Galvan as we all know the reason you're probably purchasing a tub is because it's rusted out so Galvan is a corrosion resistance steel that they use there in the Philippines so really a good steel and then I watched they do a seven-step process on cleaning all of this metal before they assemble these things so they're degrease cleaned remove rust then they're Ed coated and electric charge basically and then they're finished with primer uh the civilian ones are going to be finished in Black primer and the military models are finished in a red primer um so you can see you know this body tub comes complete all welded together we get asked the question quite often hey do I have to drill holes yes you're going to have to drill some holes for instance the holes underneath for the races those are not drilled yet um because we know that people their their frames their chassis differ a little bit so it's expected that the customer lines that stuff up and that they're going to have to drill some holes you will find some other holes you're going to have to drill as well um nothing major but you'll also have to line stuff up you can see it already has the holes for the gauges and such um that's a common question we get as well yes it is expected that you're going to want to line that you're going to need to line some of these panels and such up because we're talking about a vehicle that's 70 over 70 years old and and has been tweaked on changed whatever so bodies and Chassis differ and that's why you need to line those stuff up sometimes we recommend to people to buy a body and Chassis together um because if you buy them together and we pre-order those we special order them they'll fit that at the factory for you and'll line that up for you if that's something you're interested in um so we'll just walk around and talk about some of the features obviously you can see the side panel we know that the gas tank is on the driver's side underneath the seat has the hole already for that um this is like the later cj2a tub because the early ones the early cj2 2A tubs would have an indent for the axe and the shovel um this one does not have that we carry both of them then you can see the floors are molded just like the originals this has got the hump for the T90 transmission we do get asked sometimes on the MB and gpw if they can put a T90 floor in it cuz they're different for a t84 that is something we can do um we already talked about the dash panel cow um and then we'll move around here look at the front here's a firewall and like I said many of these holes already drilled for you but you may find a couple that you have to drill um over here kind of moving over this way we've got the toolbox so this is the toolbx over here on the passenger seat if you can see that there there's your tool box it opens this does have the script of Jeep on the front of the toolbox all right um another question we get asked sometimes people say well hey I was expecting for this body to not see spot welds and and whatnot and some welding marks and such well they came like that from the factory so these were another they were never fine European cars you're going to have weld marks weld spots those are all if you if you want to um cover those up and put put some uh filler in those you can but even from the factory that stuff typically was not covered up so we don't want people to expect that this is going to come you know like a fine Italian car and you're not going to see any spot welds because they didn't come like that from the factory um so we'll just move along here you saw the toolbx and then it's got uh Provisions here to put in your rear seat and such for it and then back here for the tailgate it does have tailgate Hing that I can see right here on the back I'm not really going to flip this thing upside down but you can also I didn't talk about the holes here in the floor for your steering column brake pedal clutch pedal all that good stuff comes with this cover too for your T90 transmission so we'll talk about the body tub kit this is just the body tub we sell which is obviously going to be a lower cost or you can order the kit the kit comes with some additional items so you've got the hood all right it's the scripted Hood made from the same Galvan steel finished in Black primer all that good stuff here's the tailgate I'm not going to open this up but this is just like the original tailgate it does have the Willie script on it black primer as well uh we'll move over here comes with the windshield frame I've got it upside down but that is the Willie scripted windshield frame for it and then it comes with both fenders that I have I've got the driver side and the passenger side fenders sitting there so that's what the kit comes with additionally um we can even get these in what we call like a maxi kit which includes a chassis and some other items a lot of the chassis on these 2 A's they're they're trashed and md1 really makes a nice chassis I really like them they're robotically welded together they're also made of the Galvan Galvan steel so uh the part number on this one is 673 859 you can find all these body tubs we have all the CJ the flat fenders and such on there we have all the millet ones for these um nobody makes a body tub for the wagon truck Will\ys Jeepster Jeepster Commando we do get us get asked that it's mostly just all flat fenders um if you want to find these on our website it's the Jeepster man.com you can email Us sales the Jeepster man.com or you can call us (314)798-6462 thanks.

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