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Carburetor Rebuilds

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan. Today we're going to talk about our carburetor rebuild service. So we can rebuild carburetors on just about any Willys or Jeep vehicle you have. Whether it's a Carter, WA1, WO, YF... or like we see here this is the the two barrel Rochester the 2G that goes on the 225 V6. This engine here we'll be putting on this carburetor today. We just wanted to show our rebuild service. Our rebuilder does a nice job... cleans everything, paints everything, obviously rebuilds it. Our guy's been doing it for about 40 years, so he really does an excellent job at rebuilding these things. They do come with a base gasket as well when we rebuild these. Customers have to send in their core. I really don't have hardly any any cores left, a lot of cores are disappearing. So you can find this on our website: You can email us if you've got questions: Thanks!

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