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C101 Wiring Harness

The last electrical component to upgrade is the wiring harness. Now as you can see this original harness is a mess. It- Not only was it burnt but if you look closely you can see that somebody used an old extension cord to wire something up... which is just crazy! No wonder there was a fire under here. So when you have something this bad, you can't fix it. You just need to cut it all out and replace it... which is what we're going to do with this 21 circuit customizable harness from Painless. Now this is a universal kit and it's going to do several things for us. Number one, it's going to give us a real fuse block, which the original Jeepster did not have. Also, you can see it's got wiring that runs under the hood, in the interior, to the back of the vehicle, so that's all laid out for you. And it's 21 circuits so you can add other accessories and all that other stuff if you want to. The best part though, is you've got all of these instructions to wire up all of these accessories we're putting in. There's your HEI distributor... It'll have instructions in here for the one wire alternator... because remember, we're getting rid of all of this stuff: Voltage Regulators, ballast resistors, all of this... and putting on new things. So we need to be able to wire that up. This is one of the best upgrades you can do for this kind of a project. Now obviously this needs to go on after all the components are on, so we're going to set this aside for now and move on to the next upgrade. And that is the cooling system.

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