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C101 Distributor Upgrade

And that brings us up to where we are today. I've got a whole table of parts here from the JeepsterMan who specializes in original and upgrade parts for all kinds of early Jeep Vehicles. So let's get to work! Starting with the engine electrical system. Now obviously we could just bolt in this old points distributor, but we're not going to do that because we're going to upgrade to this big HEI distributor. Now there's several reasons for that: first of all this gets rid of the points. Second of all it has a much hotter spark, and third it puts the coil right on top so it's all in one nice little package. Now, as you can see there is a considerable size difference in these two distributors. But, they've designed this in such a way that this distributor will actually fit in that odd fire V6 and clear everything. Just barely!... But it will clear.
To install a distributor, set the number one cylinder on top dead center of the compression stroke. Then slide the distributor in place. Make sure that it seats all the way down so it engages the oil pump. Once it's seated, the rotor should be pointing at the number one spark plug.
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