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67' C101 Demo

Hey welcome back to Gearz and our Jeepster convertible project where we're showing you some of the best upgrades that you can do to a vehicle to make it a reliable driver without losing the originality or the value. Now we're pretty much done under the hood here. Got the fuel system upgraded, the cooling system upgraded, the electrical upgraded. Now we're ready to turn our attention to the suspension and the brakes because, keep in mind the goal of a level one project is to make it a reliable driver that you can drive anywhere that you want anytime. And as you can see this thing is a little tired. It needs some help. Fortunately there's a whole bunch of parts from JeepsterMan over there on the table that's going to take care of these problems.

Now the brakes on any old Jeep were questionable at best so we're going to fix all that with this front disc brake conversion for the old Jeeps. Now look at this. It includes these massive 12 and 1/4 in. rotors. You get the brackets to bolt on the calipers, and all the hardware you're going to need to give you front disc brakes. Now the rear brakes we're going to keep the stock brakes but we're going to rebuild all of the original drums using all new hardware. And then we also stepped up to these 2 in. spacers... that's going to widen out the track of that Jeep and fill out those wheel wells better. For suspension we picked up a 2-in. lift kit because that's as high as you can go on these early Jeepsters that have that early Ross style steering. Now it includes new leaf springs front and rear, shackles, U-bolts, and even new shocks. Now what this is going to do is stiffen up the suspension considerably. It's going to raise it up, and it's going to get rid of that saggy butt look that we got going back here. Now obviously we need to get this thing in the air, get the wheels off so we can get to work.

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