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CJ3B: Drivetrain

Tech Specs CJ-3B | Mastering the Drivetrain: Clutch, Transmission, Transfer Case, Front Axle & Rear Axle Systems

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Uncover the inner workings of the CJ-3B's powerhouse as we navigate through the essential components of its drivetrain. In this segment of our tech specs series, we focus on the clutch, transmission, transfer case, and axles that collectively contribute to the CJ-3B's formidable performance on and off the road.

The CJ-3B drivetrain is the mechanical heart of this classic Jeep, seamlessly combining several key components to deliver robust performance. The single dry plate clutch engages the transmission, a T-90 three-speed gearbox with an H-pattern shift. The Spicer Model 18 transfer case, manually controlled and floor-mounted, facilitates seamless shifts between 2WD and 4WD modes, providing versatility for varied terrains.

Power is channeled through Dana axles, with the front axle (Dana 25) delivering power to the front wheels, enabling 2WD and 4WD functionality, and contributing to steering. Meanwhile, the rear axle (Dana Model 44) propels the rear wheels, featuring ring and pinion gears for efficient power transmission. This cohesive drivetrain design ensures the CJ-3B's legendary capabilities on and off the road.

Clutch Specifications:

Transmission Specifications:

Transfer Case Specifications:

  • Name: Spicer Model 18
  • Type: Part-time, two-speed
  • Gearing: Low and High range
  • Shift Mechanism: Manual, floor-mounted
  • Output: Two outputs, one for front axle and one for rear axle
  • Operation: Engages 2WD or 4WD modes based on driver's selection

Front Axle Specifications:

  • Type/Name: Dana 25
  • Ring & Pinion Ratio: Typically 5.38:1 (may vary)
  • Axle Shaft Type: Semi-floating
  • Operation: Power delivery to front wheels, enabling 2WD and 4WD modes. Contributes to steering functionality.

Rear Axle Specifications:

  • Type/Name: Dana Model 44
  • Ring & Pinion Ratio: Varies by year and model, commonly 5.38:1
  • Axle Shaft Type: Full-floating
  • Operation: Power and torque to rear wheels. Contains ring and pinion gears for transmitting power from driveshaft.

As we dissect the CJ-3B's drivetrain, the precision in each component becomes evident, shaping the legendary performance of this classic Jeep. Stay tuned for our next segment where we explore the intricacies of the control systems- including the steering, brakes, suspension components. For all your vintage Jeep needs, trust JeepsterMan – your go-to source for classic Jeeps.

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