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CJ3A: Lubrication

CJ-3A Tech Specs: Lubrication and Grease Fittings

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Unveil the nuances of your CJ-3A with a detailed exploration of its, lubrication specifications and essential grease fitting locations.

Lubrication Specifications: Keep your CJ-3A's mechanical heart beating smoothly with the right lubricants. Follow these guidelines for optimal performance:

  1. Engine Oil: SAE 30W for moderate climates, SAE 10W-30 for varying conditions.
  2. Transmission Oil: SAE 90W in the T-90 transmission.
  3. Transfer Case Oil: Use SAE 80W-90 gear oil for Spicer Model 18.
  4. Differential Oil: SAE 90W for front and rear axles.
  5. Chassis Grease: Lithium-based NLGI No. 2 grease for chassis lubrication.

Adhere to these recommendations to ensure longevity and efficient operation of your CJ-3A.

Grease Fitting Locations: Proper lubrication is key to the CJ-3A's agility. Locate and tend to these grease fittings at regular intervals:

  1. Front Suspension: Grease the upper and lower kingpin bearings.
  2. Steering System: Lubricate the tie rod ends and drag link.
  3. Rear Suspension: Apply grease to the rear spring shackles.
  4. Clutch Cross Shaft: Keep the clutch functioning smoothly with proper lubrication.
  5. U-Joints: Apply grease to the universal joints in the driveline.

Regular attention to these grease fitting locations ensures the articulation of essential components, promoting a responsive and well-maintained CJ-3A. Stay tuned for more technical insights and authentic restoration guidance from JeepsterMan.

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