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CJ3A: Cooling & Upkeep

Cool and Confident: Navigating the CJ-3A Cooling System

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Cooling Specifications:

When it comes to keeping the CJ-3A's engine at the perfect temperature, the cooling system takes center stage. Here's a closer look at the components that make it happen:


  • Type: Crossflow Radiator
  • Material: Copper and brass, ensuring excellent heat transfer properties.
  • Design: Crossflow design, facilitating horizontal coolant flow for optimal cooling.
  • Cooling Fins: Enhancing heat dissipation through increased surface area.
  • Mounting Location: Front and center in the engine bay, affixed to the front grille or core support.
  • Radiator Cap: Standard cap with a pressure rating between 4-7 psi.

Water Pump:

  • Material: Cast iron or a similarly robust material.
  • Design: Centrifugal pump with an impeller for circulating coolant.
  • Mounting Location: Front of the engine, securely attached to the engine block.
  • Pulley: Driven by a belt connected to the engine crankshaft pulley.
  • Seals: Mechanical seals and gaskets prevent coolant leakage, maintaining system pressure.
  • Shaft & Bearings: A steel shaft supported by ball or roller bearings ensures smooth operation.
  • Coolant Inlet & Outlet: Inlet connected to the lower radiator hose, outlet connected to the engine's cooling system.
  • Bypass System: Some models feature a coolant bypass system for regulated flow during warm-up.

Cooling Hoses:

  • Upper Radiator Hose: Connects the top of the radiator to the engine, regulating temperature.
  • Lower Radiator Hose: Connects the bottom of the radiator to the water pump for recirculation.
  • Heater Hoses: Connects the engine to the heater core, circulating warm coolant for interior heating.
  • Bypass Hose: Allows coolant to bypass the radiator, circulating within the engine during warm-up.
  • Thermostat Housing Outlet Hose: Connects the thermostat housing to the upper radiator hose for cooling.
  • Coolant Overflow Hose: Connects the radiator overflow tank to the radiator, managing excess coolant.
  • Water Pump Inlet Hose: Connects the radiator to the water pump, supplying cool coolant for circulation.
  • Water Pump Outlet Hose: Connects the water pump to the engine block or heater core, carrying hot coolant for heating.

Cooling System Maintenance Methods:

Maintaining the cooling system ensures your CJ-3A keeps its cool, especially during demanding journeys. Here's a handy guide:

  1. Regular Visual Inspection

    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Check for leaks, cracks, or deterioration in cooling hoses, connections, and the radiator.
  2. Coolant Level Check

    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Inspect coolant levels in the radiator and overflow tank when the engine is cool.
  3. Coolant Flush

    • Frequency: Every 2-5 years (Follow manufacturer's guidelines)
    • Replace coolant to remove old fluid, contaminants, and prevent corrosion.
  4. Thermostat Inspection

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Inspect the thermostat and replace if it's stuck closed or open.
  5. Radiator Cap Inspection

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Check cap condition and pressure rating. Replace if necessary.
  6. Fan and Belt Check

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Inspect fan and belts for wear, tension, and alignment.
  7. Cooling System Pressure Test

    • Frequency: Every 2-3 years
    • Test for leaks and hidden issues.
  8. Flushing and Refilling

    • Frequency: Every 2-5 years (Follow manufacturer's guidelines)
    • Drain, flush, and refill the cooling system with the recommended coolant ratio.
  9. Inspect Radiator Fins

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Clean fins of debris using a soft brush or compressed air.
  10. Check for Coolant Leaks

    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Regularly inspect the ground for coolant leaks.
  11. Belt and Fan Replacement

    • Frequency: As needed
    • Replace worn or damaged belts and fans.
  12. Coolant Additives

    • Frequency: Follow manufacturer's recommendations
    • Use approved additives to prevent rust, corrosion, and scale buildup.
  13. Replace Hoses

    • Frequency: Every 3-5 years
    • Replace hoses showing signs of wear or aging.
  14. Maintain Radiator Cap

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Ensure proper cap function and pressure maintenance.
  15. Check Water Pump

    • Frequency: Annually
    • Inspect for leaks, noise, or bearing play. Replace if needed.

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